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Hello and Welcome, I'm Filiz, the creator of InfiniteU, established in 2008 with the intention of bringing positive energy, life force and vitality into ones life and space.
Creating positive energy for my clients life and space has been my love for the past 6 years, there are many beautiful people I have helped in their personal homes as well as creating and transforming public spaces and business’s. I am inspired by the elements of nature, the love and beauty I feel fuels my passion, humble and grateful to share with others that which I am.  
Studying with many masters and teachers and finding my own soul gifts I now help others using my unique way that combines the harnessing of positive energy through the use of Colour, Crystals, Art Creations, Feng Shui, and Aroma (InfiniteU essential oil Sprays).
After consulting and creating custom Art and Sprays for many different people, at InfiniteU, I understand that changes to your environment, your space, will have a powerful positive effect on you and your thoughts, feelings and actions. It therefore becomes essential to create spaces that are harmonious and balanced and will nurture and support you in the direction of your path and journey through life, as well as others whom spend time there.

Thank you for visiting me and I look forward to sharing how my energy, flow and work has helped transform spaces and create items of beauty that have helped so many clients thrive and succeed in both their professional and personal lives.

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I look forward to working with you,
All my Love & Laughter,